Incorporating Education for Sustainability into the Australian Curriculum

Maitland Grossmann High School 2014

“I liked the refinement and clarity of your presentation and the sustainability action process is a wonderful help for me.”

“It prompted our thoughts to identify current practices and further areas to investigate.”

“It was good to get out and around the school and learn more about its environment and history.”

Rahamim Ecology Centre Bathurst 2014

“Eye-opening and inspiring.”

“Extremely worthwhile.”

“Thanks for a terrific PD. I learned a lot.”

Northern NSW regional tour 2015

“Informative, productive and reflective. Thank you.”

“Very inspirational with lots of resources focusing on school-based learning activities.”

“I went on a journey with 11 others and had a fantastic experience.”

“Very interesting, re-invigorating and refreshing. I’ve been working in this field for a long time so have found this a breath of fresh air.”

Whole-school sustainability planning

York St Sydney CBD 2014 to 2016

“Diverse activities in groups, pairs being able to talk about IDEAS, plans, solutions. A wonderful balance!”

“A stimulating day. I have left with lots of ideas and resources.”

“The networking aspect was excellent, knowing there are like-minded individuals who want to make a change.”

“I found the discussions very enlightening and surprising.”

“It was excellent to have lots of practical activities where we could discuss issues and communicate ideas.”

“I found the day really engaging and loved the hands-on approach.”

“Good ideas and strategies. Relevant and informative.”

Embedding sustainability into early childhood curriculum and settings

City of Ryde 2016

“Sandra presented the course in a very professional, engaging and authentic way. I thought it was excellent.”

“Planning with other educators helped me to think outside the box and come up with more ideas.”

“Fantastic and informative.”

“Great mix of information and group work.”

“I enjoyed discussing practical ideas to use at my centre.”

“Great; useful information. Not overwhelming.”

“Fun, interactive, informative, valuable and an opportunity to share ideas and learning and find out what’s happening in other services.”

“I have more knowledge and am more confident in embedding sustainability within my service.”

“An excellent way to learn about sustainability strategies.”

The Infinite Game

Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning Leura 2016

“It was thought-provoking and all activities fitted well together. I love the word ’game’ as I see life as a game.”

“I came along out of curiosity and was reminded of my core values and the importance of them for daily living.”

“It was interesting to become aware of what games I’m playing and why infinite games bring long-term happiness.”

“I’ve gained a new perspective on values.”

“The main message I will take away from the workshop is that we need to think about how we interact with others as well as how we act ourselves.”