The Infinite Game workshop


Sustainability educators and leaders in any organisation (educational, corporate, community, religious etc.) wishing to educate and/or inspire their work colleagues to reflect on how our behaviour can create a better, more compassionate and sustainable world.


Imagine if life was a game, an infinite game in which we continually changed the rules to keep our deepest values in play and ensure that everyone could take part. This interactive workshop explores life through the lens of an infinite game. The objective of the game is to understand current social structures that limit progress towards human and ecological flourishing and the vital role that schools, tertiary institutions, other organisations, individuals and communities can play in creating a better world.


Learning about the core values that we all share; considering, in small groups, the types of games played in educational and other organisations you belong to (often finite games) and how these can be expanded, improved or subverted.


This face-to-face workshop can be customised to run from one to three hours, depending on the time available.

The Infinite Game workshop was developed by Niki Harre, University of Auckland.


Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning Leura 2016

“It was thought-provoking and all activities fitted well together. I love the word ’game’ as I see life as a game.”

“I came along out of curiosity and was reminded of my core values and the importance of them for daily living.”

“It was interesting to become aware of what games I’m playing and why infinite games bring long-term happiness.”

“I’ve gained a new perspective on values.”

“The main message I will take away from the workshop is that we need to think about how we interact with others as well as how we act ourselves.”