We also provide editing, writing and research services in Education for Sustainability and related fields. Areas of expertise include academic articles, annual reports, procedural guidelines, collecting and analysing research data and writing research reports.


Guide for preparing written work Graduate School of the Environment (1997)

A guide to licensing under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (1999)

Best practice guidelines for greener subdivisions: Western Sydney (2002)

Application for accreditation: Submission to the Planning Institute of Australia (2002)

Graduate School of the Environment (2002)

Berowra Valley Regional Park Trust Annual Report 2002-2003 & 2003-2004

Needs and Expectations of Employers for Generic Capabilities (Skills) of Graduates (2004)

Division of Environmental and Life Sciences (2004)

Investigation, Integration and Implementation of Generic Skills within the Business Law Curriculum (2006)

Shifting Towards Sustainability: An action inquiry into the professional development needs of architects, engineers, planners and landscape architects in climate change adaptation (2007)

Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Water: Climate Change Adaptation Skills for Professionals Small Grants Program (2010)

Education for Sustainability and the Australian Curriculum Project Final Report (2014)

Sandra also has 15 years experience in editing environmental planning documents, theses and academic articles across a wide range of environmental topics through her editing business, EnviroDoc.

Sandra is listed as a professional editor in the Editorial Services Directory on the website of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPED)