Embedding sustainability into early childhood curriculum and settings


Early childhood educators and sustainability educators working with early childhood educators


Sustainability actions and thinking are mandatory for early childhood education centres under National Quality Standard 3.3. Embedding sustainability in pedagogy and curriculum, as well as in service operations, is an engaging way for children to explore their world and to recognise the interconnections between our human (social, economic, political and personal) and physical environments.


By attending this interactive workshop, participants will:

  • learn the meaning of sustainability and why it is included as a  National Quality Standard
  • recognise the importance of a values approach to sustainability
  • gain skills and confidence in incorporating sustainability into their teaching programs and service operations
  • see teaching resources and practical examples of sustainability in action
  • develop a sustainability plan based on the unique characteristics of their early childhood centre.

Workshop format:

Workshops are offered as a half-day or three hour session and can be customised for in-centre presentation. A combination of online and face-to-face presentation can also be catered for.


City of Ryde 2016

“Sandra presented the course in a very professional, engaging and authentic way. I thought it was excellent.”

“Planning with other educators helped me to think outside the box and come up with more ideas.”

“Fantastic and informative.”

“Great mix of information and group work.”

“I enjoyed discussing practical ideas to use at my centre.”

“Great; useful information. Not overwhelming.”

“Fun, interactive, informative, valuable and an opportunity to share ideas and learning and find out what’s happening in other services.”

“I have more knowledge and am more confident in embedding sustainability within my service.”

“An excellent way to learn about sustainability strategies.”