Hands-on sustainable living workshops

Workshops for the public in sustainable cleaning and personal care

Natural cleaning workshop

 This is a practical, hands-on workshop designed to demonstrate how easy it is to make your own natural cleaning products. Ingredients are supplied and participants can make their own products to take home. Products made can vary from a benchtop spray, laundry powder, dishwashing liquid to a grease-dissolving paste for ovens. Suggested workshop length is two hours.

Certified organic personal care workshop

 This workshop compares commercial skin and personal care products with an Australian certified organic range, Miessence (www.changetheworldorganics.com). Participants learn how to read labels, the toxic nature of many ingredients in commercial products, the meaning of ‘organic’ and the alternatives available. The full range of Miessence personal care products are available to try. Suggested workshop length is from one to two hours.