‘Teaching and learning through civil engagement: Prospects for sustainability in teacher education’ 2010 Josephine Boland Issues in Educational Research 20(1)

The title of the article describes its content. Challenges to uptake by academics in using community organisations to teach sustainability could be applied to other disciplines. A worthwhile resource for teacher educators wanting an overview of what’s involved in working with community organisations in the area of sustainability education.

‘Reflections on sustainability in Australian university coursework programs’ 2007 Kate Sherren International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
This paper estimates the degree to which the concept of sustainability has been integrated into courses in the tertiary sector. It also explains the barriers presented by traditional discipline focused courses. An excellent overview of the issues facing academics when developing courses to incorporate sustainability e.g. university governance structures; decline of generalist courses such as geography.

‘Professional development for education for sustainability: How advanced are Australian unviversities?’ 2008 Holdsworth, Wyborn, Bekessy & Thomas International Journal of Sustainability in Education

This research paper discovered only one professional development program in EfS for academics across the Australian university sector, although plenty of  information about sustainability was available on their websites. Relevant article although abstract only available on the website: full text needs to be purchased.