Infinite gameThe Infinite Game is all about our core values and how important it is to live according to them for our own personal happiness and, hence, our ongoing personal sustainability. Positive emotions are infectious and spread our happiness to others.

Niki Harre, an academic from Auckland, ran a pre-conference workshop at the recent Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) NSW conference in the Hunter Valley focusing on both the ‘infinite’ and ‘finite’ game. The latter features the values that we so often see in the media and that society thrives on – status, money, career, physical appearance, sporting and academic achievements etc. The workshop was thought-provoking and appreciated by the conference delegates who enjoyed the different (and much-needed, in my opinion) perspective that Niki brought to sustainability education for school children, organisations and the general community.

The Infinite Game can be found at Niki’s book Psychology for a Better World and 15 minute film can be obtained/viewed from