Two Getting started with sustainability across the Australian Curriculum workshops were run recently for two very different sized groups: one for a whole school staff in the Hunter Valley at Maitland Grossmann High School and one at Rahamim, an ecological learning centre at Bathurst for a small group of teachers, mainly from regional secondary schools. Feedback focused on how awareness was raised about the holistic nature of sustainability and its applicability over a range of subjects and how valuable it was to spend time with colleagues creatively planning the integration of sustainability into their courses. Both workshops involved a tour of the grounds looking for opportunities to use the resources they provided for teaching and learning activities back in the classroom.

On tour around the grounds at Rahamim

On tour around the grounds at Rahamim

At the wetland at Maitland Grossmann

At the wetland at Maitland Grossmann




“Eye-opening and inspiring.”

“Extremely worthwhile.”

“Thanks for a terrific PD. I learned a lot.”


Maitland Grossmann

“I liked the refinement and clarity of your presentation and the sustainability action process is a wonderful help for me.”

“It prompted our thoughts to identify current practices and further areas to investigate.”

“It was good to get out and around the school and learn more about its environment and history.”