Getting started with sustainability across the Australian Curriculum workshops were run in April and May in the NSW coastal towns of Shortland (28 April, Hunter Wetlands Centre), Port Macquarie (30 April, SeaAcres) and Coffs Harbour (4 May, Regional Botanic Gardens) and also in Armidale (15 May, Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre).

The workshops were a great success with all 34 participants enjoying the opportunity to network with their peers to discuss the diverse ways in which sustainability can be incorporated into their teaching and learning programs. All participants had their expectations met.

Discussions centred around holistic sustainability that includes caring relationships and values as well as caring for the environment.  Participants were able to share their sustainability project and curriculum plans and challenges in the last session of the day. The workshop locations provided plenty of opportunities for the participants to get their hands dirty in the fieldwork session, which showcased a number of easy fieldwork options readily applicable to most school grounds. Photos show soil and water quality testing and quadrant sampling.


“Informative, productive and reflective. Thank you.”

“Very inspirational with lots of resources focusing on school-based learning activities.”

“I went on a journey with eleven others and had a fantastic experience.”

“Very interesting, re-invigorating and refreshing. I’ve been working in this field for a long time so have found this a breath of fresh air.”Soil testing Photo 3 resized CH water quality testing Photo 1 Thalgarrah quadrat Photo CH table session