aesareportThe Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance’s (AESA) final report for the Education for Sustainability and the Australian Curriculum Project Phases 1 to 3 is now available under the publications menu on AESA’s website:

The report was commissioned by the Australian Labor Government. The report’s main findings reveal teachers’ lack of awareness of how EfS can be effectively incorporated into the Australian Curriculum (80% of 5,000 teachers surveyed) but also the critical importance of the principal in bringing about systemic change in schools to value 21st century skills that can be developed through a whole-school approach to EfS. An overwhelming majority of teachers (92%) recognise the importance of EfS for their students.

Recommendations from the research findings include providing more classroom ready resources for teachers, more face-to-face professional development, especially through the development of an EfS ‘getting started pack’, and strengthening support networks such as peer learning activities for teachers.

Phase 4 of the project is now underway and is focusing on dissemination of the findings and recommendations as well as consolidating EfS support networks for teachers to tap into as the Australian Curriculum continues to be rolled out across the nation.