Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability

(previously the Australian Research Institute in Education for Sustainability) Macquarie University

2010 Australian Teaching and Learning Council (ALTC)

ARIES was commissioned by the ALTC to compile an online database for Education for Sustainability resources for academics across all disciplines.

2010 Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)

ARIES was commissioned to develop 13 three hour cross-disciplinary workshops on energy efficiency and renewable energy for students in the higher education sector.

2009 I developed a workshop on whole-school sustainability for pre-service teacher educators. Click on the pdf file to view flyer.

Graduate School of the Environment (GSE)

Macquarie University

2008 – 2010 Australian Government Department of Climate Change

The GSE was successful in receiving a research grant under the Department’s Climate Change Adaptation Skills for Professionals – Small Grants Program. My role was to research graduate skills in climate change adaptation (CCA) required by employers. I also designed teaching and learning materials in CCA for academics teaching in the sustainability and climate change area. See for access to the teaching materials developed.

The project was runner-up in the Sustainability research category for the Macquarie University Research Awards 2010

The grant program was a recommendation of a previous ARIES project that I worked on which was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Water Resources (2006-2007) to engage with professional accrediting institutions in the fields of engineering, planning, landscape architecture and architecture to investigate opportunities to strengthen effective professional education in climate change adaptation (report available from


The Australian Conservation Foundation on behalf of the Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance (AESA) is managing an Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations funded project over the next 18 months to engage with a wide variety of mainstream teachers and educators, as well as with decision makers in government, to recommend ways to:

  1. improve the accessibility of high quality classroom ready resources;
  2. support the alignment of EfS learning tools and programs with the Australian Curriculum; and
  3. provide better training and support services for teachers and educators programs to enable efficient delivery of sustainability learning outcomes across the Australian Curriculum.

Sandra’s role in the AESA project focuses on two core elements:

  • identifying the characteristics of effective EfS teacher training and assessing how EfS training is currently being delivered to both new and practising teachers; and
  • an exploration of the professional development needs in EfS of practising teachers.

The recommendations from this first phase of the research will inform the development of best practice models for professional development and pre-service teacher education in EfS.